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Man Under Water

Dive to the bottom.

August 3, 2012 by gigg

Man Under Water

One day the White House agents found that The President was using the pool more often than usual. Every day at 5pm The President would change into his bathing duds and jump in the pool. He would then hold his breath and dive to the bottom, staying there for as long as his lungs could hold. He would then come out… take another breath and repeat the procedure. He did this repeatedly until he was ready to faint and then would crawl out of the pool and continue with his day’s work.

After about a week of this, the agents started worrying about The President’s mental stability. One of the agents finally mustered up the courage and consulted him on the reason behind his odd behavior.

“Well,” said The President, “One of the staff recently told me that deep down I’m not so stupid.”


Graphic: Man Under Water by Julie Harris

Joke: Gigg


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