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Dog nap….

June 12, 2012 by grin

Dog Nap

An older dog wandered into a woman’s yard. She pet him, and he followed her into the house where he found a corner, curled up and took a nap.

An hour later he went to the door, and the woman let him out.

The next day, the dog returned and repeated his nap routine. He did this several days in a row.

Curious, the woman pinned a note to his collar: “To the owner of this sweet dog: He has been coming over to my house and taking a nap every afternoon. He is a nice dog and is welcome any time.”

The next day the old dog returned with a different note attached to his collar: “This is Buddy. He lives with 6 children and 2 are under the age of 3. He’s trying to catch up on sleep. Can I come with him tomorrow?”


Graphic: Dog Nap, watercolor by Mark Stewart

Joke: kmc


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