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Pop Bottle Collage

Steve just got a job at the beverage factory…

June 30, 2012 by deco

Pop Bottle Collage

Steve just got a job at the beverage factory and is getting a tour from the manager on his first day. The manager spends this time explaining the different assembly lines.

“Over here,” the manager says, “Is the lemonade assembly line. We take the product, package it up and prepare it to ship. To the right we’re canning juice concentrates. On this side we have the soda line, bottles and cans and such.”

“Wow, you guys produce a lot of drinks,” says Steve.

“You bet, name a drink and we probably have an assembly line for it.”

“Do you have a punch line?”



Artist: Pop Bottle Punch-Out Collage by Chris Lange


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4 Responses to “Steve just got a job at the beverage factory…”

  1. Nic says:

    Cute joke today. Just the right amount of “groan” factor. :)

  2. grin says:

    Is this joke irony? Having no punchline is the punchline?

    You can tell deco is the GJ editor this week!

  3. CJ says:

    I agree, cute joke, the picture not so much. I wonder if he looked more like a Steve the day he was born.

  4. Jeb says:

    @CJ: The graphic is “pop art”!

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