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Nike Air Max Dog

The burglar and Jesus.

September 24, 2012 by grin

Nike Air Max Dog

A burglar was quietly moving about the dark living room of a house when he suddenly jumped with fright as he heard a voice behind him say, “Raawwwkkk! Beware! Jesus is watching you!”

Swinging his flashlight around he spotted the owner of the voice– a parrot!

The bird repeated, “Raawwwkkk! Beware! Jesus is watching you!”

The burglar quietly laughed, walked up to the bird and said, “And what might your name be?”

The parrot replied, “Polly.”

The burglar snickered and said, “I’ve always thought that a stupid name for a parrot.”

The parrot answered, “Maybe so. But it’s not half as stupid as naming a pitbull Jesus.”


Graphic: Nike Air Max 90 Pitbull by Venti Andrews, London

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