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Piggy Bank Still Life

The talking leg.

July 10, 2012 by deco

Piggy Bank Still Life

A man visits his doctor, complaining of hearing voices in his leg.┬áThe doctor asks if the man has seen his psychiatrist, but the man insisted, “You are the family doctor, you are the only one that I trust with this.”

The doctor uses his stethoscope on his patient’s knee. He hears “Hey, hey doc, can you lend me 5 dollars?”

The doctor is alarmed, but continues to check. He next listens to the ankle and hears, “Doctor, do you think you could spare me 10 dollars? I’m good for it!”

Finally, the doctor listens to the patient’s shin and hears, “You look like the reliable type, do you think you could spot me 20 dollars?”

The doctor sighs, and tells his patient the bad news. “Well, it seems your leg is broke in three places.”


Graphic: Piggy Bank Still Life by Maggie Chico


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