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Doors from How To Live Forever

Three doors and no way out.

August 24, 2012 by gigg

Doors from How To Live Forever

After a long road trip, Johnny’s family checked into their hotel room, tired and hungry. Johnny wanted to take a nap, but the rest of the family wanted to go downstairs for a bite to eat.

“If you wake up and we’re not back, just come down and join us,” said Johnny’s mom.

Sure enough, about 15 minutes into dinner, mom’s cellphone rang. It was Johnny.

“There’s no way out,” the groggy Johnny told his mom.

“What do you mean,” asked mom. “You just go out the door.”

“There are three doors,” Johnny said, “A bathroom, a closet, and a door that says Do Not Disturb.”


Graphic: Doors, from the picture book How To Live Forever by Colin Thompson


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