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Voting added to!

October 13, 2012 by grin


Attn: All Graphic Jokers

From: Grin

You asked for it. (Well, one of you did. Maybe two.) We’ve added voting to!

We all go through a lot of really BAD jokes to find good ones, so we hope all of our jokes are at least 3 star. So 3 is good.

If you think a joke did not hold up, give it a 2 or 1. If you really liked it give it a 4 or 5. But whatever you do, please vote!


If you are getting jokes by mail, click on the title of the joke to go to the website and scroll down. You’ll find where you can choose 1 – 5 stars. You’ll also see how many others have voted.

Vote Here

Be careful! Once you’ve voted you can’t change it. (At least not that I can tell.)

Vote early! Vote often!



I’m going to give this memo 5 stars. :-)


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